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At Lakes Area Community Healthcare, we are building on our greatest strength, our community.


Initial sales will be targeted to small employers and self insured employer groups in the Fergus Falls and Lakes Area region.  It's a market we understand because we're part of it. And because we're part of the community - LACH is locally owned, operated and managed - we're uniquely responsive: We're here when you need us.

When it comes to selecting a health care plan for your client, you want the right fit. LACH offers a broad selection of plans that are comprehensive and competitive, yet flexible enough to accommodate your needs. Use our network of providers and get the best benefits.


Want to find out more about LACH? Contact your Sales Manager here at LACH. Zach is looking forward to working directly with you to assist with your clients' health insurance plan needs. Call him directly at 563-327-2206 or reach him through customer service at 563-587-5640 or toll free 1-800-457-4726. We'll be glad to help you!

Find a Provider


We understand the local healthcare community and we're completely familiar with local providers.

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